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We are a team made up of solar project developers, clean energy financing experts, power system modelers, and community engagement experts working together to design and assist in the implementation of clean, cheap electricity offerings for low income households served by the deregulated power market in Texas.

HARC, a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated as Houston Advanced Research Center, is a non-profit research hub providing independent analysis on energy, air, and water issues to people seeking scientific answers. We are focused on building a sustainable future that helps people thrive and nature flourish. HARC’s programmatic and research activities support the implementation of policies and technologies that promote sustainability based on scientific principles. HARC’s energy program includes identifying and supporting cost-effective, practical energy solutions.

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Gregory Rosen is Founder and Principal at High Noon Advisors (HNA), an advisory firm focused on the rapidly evolving space comprised of renewable energy, efficiency, storage, software, finance, policy and energy access. He is a 20-year renewables finance veteran and strategist who has developed or financed more than $400 million worth of residential, commercial and utility solar projects. He is currently working with a variety of companies and non-profit organizations to craft and raise scalable, community-friendly financing for clean energy initiatives in both the US and the developing world.

Greg Rosen

Moonlight Interests exists to advance forward-looking projects and ventures that focus on sustainability, art and design, health, community, and quality of life.

Prior to founding Moonlight Interests, Joey Romano was President and CEO of Local Sun Energy, a generator and retailer of solar powered electricity. With Local Sun, Joey developed Houston’s first solar farm and formed a partnership with MP2 Energy, a Shell subsidiary, to launch the first community solar program in an area served by retail energy choice.

Joey Romano

The Texas Energy Poverty Research Institute is accelerating the move towards an energy system that is clean, distributed, affordable, and supports healthy thriving communities. We are a collaboration of energy and social equity stakeholders working to inspire lasting energy solutions for all people in Texas. We work with teams of experts from inside and outside the energy sector to conduct research, build evidence, create tools for practitioners, and partner with local jurisdictions to demonstrate and test new models, programs, and policies that can scale for widespread impact. Our work improves the systems that are needed to enable energy solutions to reach underserved communities so that their benefits may flow to those most in need.

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