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HARC's Clean Energy Hub, funded by the State Energy Conservation Office (SECO), houses a variety of interactive tools, podcasts, webinars, guides, and case studies to help accelerate the adoption of clean energy projects in Texas.

This curated collection of online, interactive tools can help you implement best energy practices and explore opportunities to add solar and other clean energy projects to your property.

HARC's interactive data application explores 2021 Winter Storm Uri’s impact on Texas’ energy and water systems and highlights strategies to improve climate resilience at the household, community, and statewide levels. Information included in the application describes how the Texas power grid operates; Uri’s impacts on electricity generation, natural gas and water supplies, and air quality; and climate resilience lessons for the future.

HARC's story map, “Summarizing Hurricane Harvey’s Environmental Impacts” explores the flooding and related environmental impacts of 2017 Hurricane Harvey, such as storm-related spills, pollutants, Superfund site impacts, water quality, air quality, and power generation.

Hurricane Harvey wreaked considerable havoc on the electric power transmission and distribution system. During the span of the storm approximately 1.5 million power customers along the Gulf Coast lost power.

TEPRI has also assembled a collection of additional informative resources that you might find helpful, including: