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8.24.21 Energy Well Texas on Marketplace

Energy Well Texas, the start-up Retail Electric Provider formed using research from Powered for Good, was featured on Marketplace. The article and recording include interviews from pilot participants.

Start-up aims to help Texans lower their bills with renewables

Antonio Martinez has lived in Houston’s Gulfton neighborhood for the past 25 years. Like many Houstonians, he dreads the summer spikes in his electricity bills. “Electricity is always a concern, especially in the heat,” said Martinez, who teaches English as a second language.

So, Martinez started researching solutions. He participated in a local heat-mapping project and talked to his landlord about making the building more energy efficient. At one point, he decided to turn off his apartment’s central air conditioning. “I actually bought a window unit to save money,” he said, adding that it’s much cheaper just to cool the area where he sleeps rather than the whole apartment.

So Martinez was interested when a fledgling company called Energy Well Texas reached out about a pilot program. Its pitch? Save money on your electric bill while switching to a 100% renewable plan.

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4.15.2021 HARC Research Blog

Emerging technologies such as solar+storage (S+S) systems allow utilities and their customers to generate, consume, and store their own solar energy that can be used later when the sun doesn’t shine or for resilience in the event of power outages. Even with prices for renewables and S+S systems continuing to come down, we still see a lack of access to capital to acquire this technology, especially for low income communities. Read more...

3.26.2021 Energy Crossroads Podcast, Featuring Greg Rosen

There is never a dull day in the energy markets! This discussion explores the need to scale up renewable finance strategies to correspond to the increase in private financing for clean energy, such as wind and solar, and energy efficiency projects. Listen below...