Powered for Good Model & Framework

We envision a more equitable clean energy ecosystem that engages and meets needs of residents of all income levels.

User guides

The Powered for Good model enhances core functions and responsibilities of a Retail Electric Provider (REP) through strategic alignment with solar & storage developers, financiers, and community leaders. Learn more about the different roles with our user guides here.

Project Reports

Powered for Good is a research project supported by the US Department of Energy's Solar Energy Technology Office (SETO) and the Hershey Foundation. Read project reports here.

RELated Research

View related research products built by project partners HARC and TEPRI.

Energy Well Texas

Informed by Powered for Good research, a new Texas company called Energy Well Texas was formed with a mission to:

  • Speed the transition of millions of customers to green energy,

  • Build community wealth and resilience, and

  • Contribute to rectifying historic issues of environmental justice and equity